Friday, May 18, 2012

Being Present

So my New Year's resolution this year was "to be present". This is a hard thing for me to do. I'm a go-getter and don't really like to sit still.  Sometimes I think I'm addicted to being busy and that even means too busy for my son and my family. I have been known to come home and instead of play with Judah when he asks, I would say, "Wait just a second baby, I will as soon as I do the dishes" and inevitably don't stop DOING until the opportunity has passed.
I DON'T want to be that kind of mom or wife.
So on to the task at hand.
Be present.
Play with Judah. Listen to Justin when he talks to me instead of being immersed in Pinterest or other social media that tends to suck me in.
I'd say I'm off to an OKAY start. I think it's an awareness thing. I have made myself aware that I'm not always present and catch myself when I may be preoccupied and stop what I'm doing. Besides, the dishes will STILL be there in a few hours, right? (Too bad those bad boys don't do themselves.)

Although I don't post as often as I used to, you know because I'm trying to be present, I still try to find the time to read encouraging blogs. This is one blog that continues to encourage me...especially this post. I look up to this woman even though I've never met her and especially since we don't have a "lead Pastor's wife" at my church. (that's a whole other blog) So, I can relate to her and love this blog entry. Check it out.

Holly Furtick - Balance


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Claire said...

Haven't read e link yet, but good reminder about being present. I caught myself doing that a bit over the summer when I was home with Emery. I have to remember she won't be this age ever again.